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The mission of our company is to make logistics as simple, convenient and transparent as possible for customers. We improve our business processes and implement the most reliable and innovative technologies in our work.

Used equipment

Thermal containers

We apply the technology of vacuum insulating panels (VIP), which exceeds the usual foam boxes by more than 100 times in terms of thermal insulation characteristics. We use Credo Cube thermocontainers and temperature elements .
The company is also engaged in the research and development of innovative temperature containers that can withstand long distances and long times in transportation.

Temperature loggers

We use the most contemporary temperature loggers. Our employees are trained on intruction on handling the equipment.


Our vehicles are equipped with validated refrigeration systems and anti-theft security systems. Vehicles are checked daily for cleanliness and safety.


The temporary storage warehouse is fully equipped to store medicines of any temperature requirements, and is also equipped with the Warehouse Management System, so that your cargo will be under constant control 24/7.



Delivery of biosamples at ultralow temperatures is one of the key challenges for advanced areas of medicine and biology. Aurum Logistics offers modern and reliable solutions from American and European manufacturers of Dewars, cooperates with Russian suppliers of liquid nitrogen to ensure the most reliable and fast transportation of goods.

Aurum Tracking System

A cloud-based tracking system uses GPS and cellular networks which allows you to track your cargo online anytime and anywhere.

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