Our mission is to make the logistics simple and transparent to our customers. We are constantly moving forward and implement in our work innovative technologies to improve our services.

Insulated containers

We realize how important is maintaining the right temperature during transfer temperature-sensitive materials. Aurum Logistics is one of the few companies in the Russian market, which uses the technology of vacuum insulation panels (VIP). The thermal insulation characteristics of these panels are 100 times better than the usual boxes.

Warehouse with the pharmaceutical license

Our warehouse is fully equipped for the storage of drugs with any temperature regime. It is equipped with a warehouse management system Biotrans Depot Managing System. Your shipment will be constantly monitored 24/7.


Aurum Logistics offers advanced and reliable solutions from American and European manufacturers Dewar vessels and cooperates with Russian suppliers of liquid nitrogen, to provide safest and fastest transportation.

Aurum Tracking System

Cloud system for tracking the location and temperature by GPS and cellular networks allows you to track your shipment online anytime.