White as snow and transparent as ice. Aurum White project is not only cold chain logistics. It is the pure essence of our company. We have been working and implementing innovations since 2008. Our company uses new equipment, a lot of trained couriers work for us.

Aurum Logistics Depot is located in Moscow region and equipped with facilities for the storage of all types of drugs and materials for clinical trials: a controlled ambient temperature of + 15 ° C + 25 ° C; refrigerated + 2 ° C + 8 ° C; frozen conditions: –25 ° C; in deep-frozen condition: –80 ° C; and storing in liquid nitrogen: –196 ° C.


In our depot we ensure fire safety. Smoke sensors and powder extinguishing system are installed in all areas of our warehouse.


Aurum Logistics Depot is equipped with a backup uninterruptible power system. Even in the event of an extended power outage, we will be ready to maintain the temperature and conditions appropriate for the materials that you have gave us.


Warehouse Management System: Aurum Depot Managing System allows you to control online all stored goods and materials. The system promptly notifies the update status and works on all stages of storage of goods, helps you to track the expiration date and the status of shipments.

- Warehouse in Moscow with total space of 1000 m2


- Aurum Logistics Depot Managing System, that helps you to track your goods 24/7


- Storage of goods in any temperature conditions (+15°C, +25°C; +2°C, +8°C; -20°C; dry ice)


- Temperature control expertise and non-stop quality control