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White as snow and clear as ice. The Aurum White project is not only cold chain transportation. This is the specialty of our company: the experience accumulated since 2008, thousands of hours of work and constant innovation allow us to provide the highest quality services.

The warehouse is located in a closed guarded area and is equipped with certified warehouse equipment for temporary/transit storage of medical supplies under various temperature conditions.

The warehouse maintains a high level of fire safety, smoke detectors and powder fire extinguishing systems are installed throughout the territory. The warehouse controls temperature and humidity in storage areas using the IVTM system. Warehouse backup uninterruptible power supply system ensures maximum cargo safety.


  • It is equipped for storing a variety of temperature regimes (+2 °C...+8°C; +15°C...+25°C; -18°C and below; -196°C)

  • Cargo security is regulated by a centralized video surveillance security system and an independent access system

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