Black is considered to be a colour of danger. Our project Aurum Black provides logistics services of Controlled Drugs from any schedule. Despite all the difficulties, we are successfully perfoming shipping of the controlled drugs.

Controlled drugs logistics is a challenge even for the experienced logistics companies, because the approach to logistics of controlled drugs differes from the other pharmaceutical products. However, our company manages to provide you best services in controlled drugs logistics.

We are providing a whole service pack for our clients in controlled drugs management. Our company will help you to prepare the legal documentation, obtain permissions and deal with storage issues.


Aurum will help you in transportation and storage of narcotics, psychotropic goods and highly active substances from schedules I-IV.

- Fully licensed logistics provider


- Regulatory and legal support


- Armed security


- Our routes are agreed with Russian Police;


- More than 80 experienced drivers

- Aurum Tracking System, that allows you to track shipments online via GPS and cellular networks